The "An American Journey" timeline is a high-level view of our family history in America. It is the first published work of the Moore Heritage Project and serves as a summarized overview of what will ultimately be a comprehensive family history.

The Big Picture

This timeline represents 250 years of our family history in America. It charts the ancestors, descendants, and lives of Joel Marvin Moore and Eudora Adeline Beauchamp, and gives us a big picture view of the events that shaped their lives and ultimately shaped ours. It is the story of how the Moore and Beauchamp families came together in the panhandle of West Texas with the marriage of Joel Marvin Moore and Eudora Adeline Beauchamp.

Our History Is America's History

Our family arrived just before the birth of a new nation. They fought for our independence, struggled through a civil war, and defended our nation through two world wars. And as America expanded, our family ventured westward to the edge of the frontier to Indian Territory and the Wild West to settle new towns, cultivate new lands, and build new churches. They weren’t just marking time – they contributed, each in their own way, in the building of these United States.

More Than Just Names And Dates

They were patriots, pioneers, farmers, soldiers, teachers, preachers, and mothers. They saw the invention of the cotton gin and the automobile. They saw the birth of a nation and man walk on the moon. They were our great-grandfathers and grandmothers, our great aunts and uncles, and our cousins. They braved the unknown at great sacrifice to pursue their dreams of a better life for their children, their children’s children – and for us.

Explore The Timeline

You can explore the entire "An American Journey" timeline by downloading the PDF file below.

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